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  • Trigger has liked a Video

    2 weeks ago


    No Description

  • Trigger
    2 weeks ago

    Clantacular has an Xbox Live Club to join! account.xbox.com/en-US/clubs/… Tell your friends about it!

  • Trigger replied to the topic 'In game clan tags.' in the forum.

    Welcome to Clantacular Raydon. Unfortunately in order to have your clan name come up in-game, you have to create a Spartan Company through [url=Welcome to Clantacular Raydon. Unfortunately in order to have your clan name come up in-game, you have to create a Spartan Company through HaloWaypoint.com https://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/spartan-companies]HaloWaypoint.com[/url]

  • Raydon created a new topic ' In game clan tags.' in the forum.

    Hey all, I am wondering, does making a clan with clantacular actually show the clan name in game? For example, will it show it in Halo 5? I have seen lots of people with clan names in Halo 5 and can find no info on it online. I wonder if they use third party things such as this OR does making a...

  • Kie a11 created a new group

    2 weeks ago

  • KelticHunter The Shadow Legion
    1 month ago

    Just so you know the founder of this clan, is me. I had to make a new account because I can't access my old account. If you are looking for me on Xbox I am known as KelticHunter.

  • Shadow Legion created a new group

    2 months ago

    The Shadow Legion

    We are a UNSC Clan that exists only on Halo Reach, we takes the game seriously, our clan trains its members to go through advanced training...

  • Redhunter8 - updated group, Extinction
  • Redhunter8
    2 months ago

    Hello Spartans, I am recruiting for a Halo: Reach clan named Extinction. We are a laid back clan that is as interesting and as fun as it gets. Come check us out on Xbox or message Redhunter8 for more information. We would like more players, and we don't fully operate on Clantacular, we are mostly on Xbox. But come see our group or message me for more information.

    2 months ago

    Hello, I'm recruiting for TBDL. We are a military based clan for Halo Reach and have been in the community for over 8 years. We have just started back up as of Nov 20th, 2016 and have over 37 members already. We are rapidly growing and hope to continue. If you are interested in joining, just shoot me a message, contact info is below!

    Website - tobedeterminedleader.yolasite.com
    Xbox - TBDL X KNIGHT

  • Trigger
    2 months ago

    Spammers think we aren't lurking. Another one bites the dust!

  • Mick Kito created a new topic ' [Halo 5]MILITARY CLAN: UNSC NAVY. (SIERRA COMPANY)' in the forum.


    Sierra Company is a Navy based Military clan that utilizes ranking, structure as-well as teamwork and tactics. We are an extremely Competitive and organized group that puts an extreme emphasis on 'Attention to Detail' - we have actual military experience as-well as leadership...

  • Syno23 created a new topic ' [XB1][PS4] Infamous Gaming Recruiting: Active, Exp' in the forum.

    Infamous Gaming is a Xbox One & PlayStation 4 clan that does not care about age but on maturity. We focus on having a core group of members that will always be online to game with, or on the forums to talk to.

    We focus on Call of Duty, Battlefield ,Destiny, Tom Clancy and Gears of War Series. But...

  • Mays Demise has changed the cover of the group; Forerrunner Conflict

    3 months ago

  • Mays Demise created a new group

    3 months ago

    Forerrunner Conflict

    Hey There Ladies and Gent's Don't I have a proposition for you guys! I come from this sick Halo community called FORERUNNER CONFLICT. And man lemme...

  • ScoffingWand6 created a new group

    3 months ago

    Fallen Angles

    We are a laid back clan mainly in halo but hoping to spread to outer games as well.

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