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  • Trigger
    5 hours 37 minutes ago

    The new update did make things in Halo MCC much more smooth.

  • Trigger Zakistyle
    5 hours 38 minutes ago

    Welcome to and Execution Gaming!

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    7 hours 43 minutes ago

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  • Trigger
    8 hours 22 minutes ago

    New patch from 343i for Halo Master Chief Collection…

  • Trigger uploaded a video.
    3 days ago

    Should have edited them a bit. Oh well

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  • Trigger created a new topic ' Execution Gaming is Back!!!' in the forum.

    Hello all, since Halo Master Chief Collection launched, a couple of us have decided to resurrect Execution Gaming. We are a casual clan for Halo MCC. We do not require you to change your gamertag nor do we have a strict policy for activity other than playing with the clan during the week. We will...

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  • Trigger
    4 days ago

    Registration for the Halo MCC Clan League is going to open soon. Gather your buddies together, get them to join your clan on Clantacular if they haven't already, and standby to register your clan!

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    4 days ago


    Hello fellow reach players my name is PR0J3CTxSUPR3M3. I Have all ways been inspired by halo and  how much fun this game can really be. But it can...

  • alex99xdx - updated group, PR0J3CT
  • alex99xdx posted a new discussion

    4 days ago

    PR0J3CT clan questions and info.

    If you have any questions or concerns please post here and i will try and get round to you. Or msg my GT: PR0J3CTxSUPR3M3 But i can not always...

  • alex99xdx posted a new announcement

    4 days ago

    Clan update

    PR0J3CT has currently joined up with a strong stable clan called NNE (Nova national empire) PR0J3CT still exist but we fight under there banner...

  • Trigger
    7 days ago

    Well Xbox Live was a no go last night. Maybe better today.