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  • Trigger
    18 hours 24 minutes ago

    Wish I had more game time... So busy

  • Its Quite Toasty created a new group



      message masterofpain171 if youre interestedd (just a note i know my name is edgy as fuck, just keep in mind it had the mind of a 13 year old...

  • CompetingCoot47 - updated group, The Swarm
  • Trigger
    7 days ago

    2 hours until the #HuntTheTruth thing is revealed!!!

  • FAN-CHAN-GO is friends with Trigger
  • CompetingCoot47 created a new topic ' The Swarm's Monthly Report' in the forum.

    Game: Halo: Reach

    Description: Slowly, we grow in numbers. Ranks are lining up and I found myself looking at a vast group of players that I can call friends. I see potential in this clan with our simple goal - to have fun.

    Conclusion It's hard to find players you can depend on. Especially since...

  • FAN-CHAN-GO created a new group

    1 week ago


    Hey I'm David my gamer tag is FANCHANGO. I need Real dedicated smart and hardworking teammates and friends so we can dominate the Halo MCC servers...

  • Trigger
    1 week ago

    Anyone down for Halo MCC tonight? ExG Trigger

  • Trigger
    2 weeks ago

    Finally beat Resident Evil on Xbox One last night with Jill. - feeling happy

  • mark582
    2 weeks ago

  • SomaticChain
    3 weeks ago

    Looking for a halo reach military or profesonal clan.

  • SomaticChain has liked SomaticChain's Profile

  • Trigger
    3 weeks ago

    Dragon Age is free to play for a couple days on Xbox One! Definitely going to give it a try.

  • __CrumblingYapper__ Order of the Rebels
    3 weeks ago

    Hey I was interested in joining your clan. I have questions though. Is it on Xbox one? Are you organized/respectful? How many people are in this clan?

  • mrmobius - updated group, THUG
  • Hiredhitman10 THUG
    3 weeks ago

    i would like to be a part of your Halo 4 clan

    mrmobius cool and i guess just send me a friend reques (im just wondering oh bad if at all do u cuss as we do and will have younger aged peoplein the clan)
    3 weeks ago

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